The School of Business Administration and Economics offers a range of four -year academically balanced undergraduate study programs. The goal of the educational process in the School, through the application of up - to - date methods of technology, is the training and preparation of specialized managerial personnel capable to make decisions for the benefit of enterprises and financial organizations as well as for the economy as a whole.

In the context of the educational process in the School the following objectives are pursued:

  • The implementation of the fundamental business theories and practices to any organization.
  • The analysis of business challenges and opportunities critically, in order to arrive at the best solution.
  • The understanding of diverse perspectives and the global reach of business decisions.
  • The communication of ideas and information effectively.
  • Approaching decision making ethically and with a commitment to the common good.
  • The adaptation to the changing demands of a high technology market.

The School consists of three departments of undergraduate studies: 

  1. Department of Business Administration with two programs
    (a) Tourism and Hospitality Management
    (b) Management / Marketing 
  2. Department of Accounting and Finance 
  3. Department of Library Science and Information Systems

The School of Business Administration and Economics also includes the Department of Marketing, which was merged with the Department of Tourism Management to form the new Department of Business Administration. The Department of Marketing is in a transitional phase until 2018 and accepts no incoming students.

The facilities of the School of Business Administration and Economics are located within the main campus of the ATEI of Thessaloniki, just 17th km off the city center. The facilities include the offices of both of the Dean of the School and the secretaries as well as those of the Heads of the Departments, the teaching personnel and certainly the classrooms and laboratories, all spread in adjacent buildings.